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How to change FD ratio!

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How to change FD ratio! Empty How to change FD ratio!

Post  Miniswift 16/09/11, 11:33 pm


Just in case you boys want to do this, I thought I give you some head ups.

So, we know that some of Swift gearbox from different engine size has better FD ratio for faster acceleration and so on. We know that there are 3.5:1, 4:1(Gti), 4.4:1 and 3.8:1.
You will need to get yourself a gearbox with FD you want. I have started to take a gearbox into bit as Jesse wants me to build a gearbox with 4.388:1(4.4.:1).

It is easy if you have right tools.

From service manual/owners manual, you take a part your gearbox/es.

You will get this below.
How to change FD ratio! IMG00350-20110916-1901

So the one on the left is G10 and right set is Gti(4.1:1).

This is the one you will have difficulty with. The bearing is so tight.

How to change FD ratio! IMG00352-20110916-1901

I shall do little how to or not to do... I guess for you boys and Girls(if there is any).



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How to change FD ratio! Empty Re: How to change FD ratio!

Post  dominator 17/09/11, 08:54 am

Having a little step by step for this site wouldnt hurt atchi, put it in the guide section if you do Wink
If your doing it you might aswell take some pics at the same time
I know what you mean about that bearing, iv done a few boxes some times it just pulls of by hand, if you can afford it get a hyd puller, mine was about 100 but that was a few years ago
Dont get me wrong, the mech pullers are fine but for the real stuborm bstards you need the hyd


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