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Oversized Exhaust Valves

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Oversized Exhaust Valves Empty Oversized Exhaust Valves

Post  InstantCustard 03/02/12, 10:12 pm

Does anybody have any idea where I can get 1mm oversized exhaust valves? (not SRD, they just crazy money)
I've had a hunt around and keep coming across some Supertech valves but I don't get the dimension description:
Supertech Suzuki Swift GTI 1.3L 89-94 DOHC/ 16V/ Exhaust Valve/ 24.60 (0.5+) x 5.48 (oversize) x 105.70 (1++)
I've also read about using Honda valves, as far as I can make out so far they are Honda D15 valves and are 25 x 5.5 x 118.7 and supposedly just need the stem machining down to the right length.


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