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Post  robinsonj1 15/06/09, 10:02 am

will a light p+p work well with the following
setup wise will be na
ive already got group A rally ecu with raised rev limit to just short of 9,000- srd 4-branch manifold, scorpion full stainless, exeedy fast road clutch, green cotton air filter

i want eventually billet cams, honday d16 pistons?

can i reuse the same conrods and get them lightened and polished to fit the d16 pistons?
what benefits does a lighten and polish have?

what else would you reccommend?
i want the engine to be able to take high revs
just askin coz im gonna gather the money and get it all done at once

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Post  STEVEGTI 16/06/09, 07:41 am

i wouldent bother porting it until you got some high comp pistons in there and yes the standard conrod lightend and polished with a set of arp rod bolts will be fine


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Post  Miniswift 05/08/09, 12:51 pm


You can port and polish your cylinder head now.
You don't need too much off exhaust side just match it to gasket and take out casting marks.
It seems you have most of kit you need to make your car breath better.
For inlet side, you have an after market air filter.
For exhaust side, you have full system.
Your rally ECU is not doing anything at the moment or shall I say not getting benefit.

If you are going full hog.
You will need to get yourself a spare enigne block.

13:1 pistons!? that will be too high and you will need super unleaded.
I will skim cylinder head, port and polish, lighten conrod then shot peened, lighten your flywheel and add camshafts.

When you are ready, send your spare engine block to bore it out to 75mm.
Honda D16 pistons will need to be modify iirc.

Cam wise, I will go for fast road cams not rally/race. You will have no bottom end to pullying off for everyday drive.

I have been told by people in know to stick with std exhaust manifold for better low down torque. Std deisgn is quite good and only lose out 1-2Bhp at top end. Top end is only use in Rally/race or a track day. I'm sure it will sound good for pub talk for top end power.

What size system have you got? I hope no bigger than 2" even 1.75" is good for 150+ Bhp with good low down torque.

I hope you don't waste too much money.



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