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FS: ECU Performance Chip

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FS: ECU Performance Chip Empty FS: ECU Performance Chip

Post  strider on 25/06/09, 08:17 pm

Item Description:
Availabe for mk1/2/3 NA engine. They are reprogrammed to extract more power by changing the factory fuel and ignition curves:

1. Stage 2 chip
2. Stage 3 chip
3. Rally chip
4. Suzuki Sport Chip


Contact Details:
PM or reply here

Let me explain a bit about this chip before proceed with the order Smile

GT ECU is start from alphabet F e.g F5 (export model) and F6(japan spec.). the Eprom only have 128kb storage. the rest i think would be the same.
For Cultus, it start from Alphabet I e.g I2 (export model), I3 (new export model) and I4 (cultus japan). the Eprom has 256kb. twice space.

Most of us just heard this romours but doesn't feel and go deep down under.
fyi, chipping quite common for std modified whereby the engine unrestriction pull till the limit.
this easy and cheap mode does your car ahead at top speed.
there's several option chip Eprom available for GTi in the market but not all for road use. it was a nightmare when your gti stuck at 180kmh!! 6250rpm at fifth gear.
to overcome this, unrestriction top speed limit chip was implement. how far it can goes depends on engine final load. just imagine with the option chip, in fifth gear, your tachometer will travel till 7500rpm. for Spore speedometer, the speed limit clocked at 220kmh while the cultus meter reach KMH reading. A few of my friends had experience this.

I wouldn't said its true till u feel it and well it depends on engine setting and final load. if everything fine, std GTi will be as fast as a supercar..but bear in mind, higher speed, higher risk and higher engine expose to damage. so why take for granted??

For some reason, this option chip also mean for low end. forget about the 7500rpm in fifth gear. std export model revs cut at 7600rpm. while std cultus cut 8600rpm with linear powerband start from first gear till fifth.

for example: option rally chip for MK2 pull harder after 4500rpm till redline . this setting is perfect for short drag and Mild CAm and even turbos.a lot of GTi's worldwide prefer this one bcoz normally their std mode has "CAM inside".
One of my mate has it in and now running side by side with his buddy VTEC B18C.

Stage 2 for MK3 only is more advance that the ECU been remap to suite the GTi powerband. power pull at 3500rpm and again at 6000rpm till redline. this mode need enough fuel pressure and advance BTDC.

Suzukisport chip come with the suzukisport ECU. this is enough for rat racer to overtake lighter mode drag kind of setting car. power start pull just after 2000rpm and continue after 5500rpm and really harder till redline. The engine check light ON is not ECu problem. Its only the reading mismatch. this chip is worthless without mild mode fit into ur car. this is because the 2000rpm power need extra source. std GTi won't give it too much unless Mild cam with higher lift and duration. the best thing about suzukisport chip is, u'll feel the car lighter and easy to handle. thanks to the 2000rpm powerband. hey!! normal road with fifth gear? i'm not kinding!

* the check light ON will be normal for engine without knock sensor


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FS: ECU Performance Chip Empty speed limiter

Post  Trueroider on 19/03/10, 02:43 pm

is this just american cars or all swifts that do this?

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FS: ECU Performance Chip Empty Re: FS: ECU Performance Chip

Post  strider on 20/03/10, 12:29 pm

Trueroider wrote:is this just american cars or all swifts that do this?

all ECU can use this chip as long as its come with "F" and "I" ecu code


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FS: ECU Performance Chip Empty Re: FS: ECU Performance Chip

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