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'Rascal' bodykit(s)

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'Rascal' bodykit(s) Empty 'Rascal' bodykit(s)

Post  Salto on 27/02/14, 02:13 am

I have a battered old Rascal-kit laying around, which is a bit in the way since we aquired the full original molds for the kit.
So if people are interested in the old one, you can have it for cheap(full kit without front bumper)

We can however create new ones with poly or even Carbon!

Prices via PB

The old one: (top section cut loose from the side-skirts)

'Rascal' bodykit(s) Foto550-QKXU67MA

'Rascal' bodykit(s) Foto550-LX7XJJAS

'Rascal' bodykit(s) Foto-GHOIVYH6

'Rascal' bodykit(s) Rascalnew

'Rascal' bodykit(s) Suzuki-model-11

'Rascal' bodykit(s) 2793920595_large


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'Rascal' bodykit(s) Empty Re: 'Rascal' bodykit(s)

Post  Salto on 27/02/14, 02:26 am

Located in the netherlands, cheap transport to the UK can be arranged

Please no discussion on the kit itself, some love it, some hate it.. i know.


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