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In quest of an engine rebuild...

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In quest of an engine rebuild... Empty In quest of an engine rebuild...

Post  marcio 23/02/15, 10:49 am

Hi guys! Last year I bought a SSGTI MY93 as a daily drive car. Car looked in good mechanical conditions with just some bodywork to do, but after a little trip and a keyway problem in the highway the hidden problems started to appear :-/

Long story short, I took the engine apart and found so many problems that I had to rebuild it. Now I'm in a quest for parts that I thought would be easier to find, but there is a huge lack of quality stuff in my country - Brazil - and looks like it is hard to find genuine stuff abroad... I hope I have better look here/in UK! lol

I have friends in UK and a guy in Japan that have been helping me out with OE parts, but I'm having a hard time without the proper part numbers. I'll start a thread later with the rebuild process and current status, and I'm also thinking about making a video about the process - just have to source a better camera, find a cameraman and some spare time to do it :-)

Well, I think that is it... thanks for any help in advance!


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In quest of an engine rebuild... Empty Re: In quest of an engine rebuild...

Post  Almondo74 23/02/15, 06:08 pm

as many suzuki part numbers as you will ever need.

cant you just give suzuki parts departments your reg or chassis number and they will find the part number? thats all i do.


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