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!!!quaife new parts r and d work!!!!

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!!!quaife new parts r and d work!!!! Empty !!!quaife new parts r and d work!!!!

Post  swifty 07/04/16, 09:22 pm

Hi all as above, the group that Im now racing in one of the guys knows someone at quaife quite well and they have asked our race series to supply cars for the possibilities of some r and d work for some new stuff. so obviously as Im racing my justy turbo this could be an opportunity to get some good new stuff available on the market for all of us and help them out, basically I need to know what sort of parts might be of interest to other swift owners and what sort of quantities to obviously make it worth there while. so fire away.............

front diffs 2wd?
front diffs awd?
rear diffs awd? i no these are already available
dog boxes?
sequential boxes?
etc etc

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