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Post  passion-wagon 22/05/16, 04:36 pm

Hi everyone!.

It's been a while since i've been on here, in fact it's been about 6 years!.

I started off with a red Swift GLS back in 2009, which was in the process of being GTi converted when it was written off by a cabbie, and with the swift gone i drifted onto other cars over the years, dabbled in motorbikes and other such stuff and last year imported a couple of cars from Japan (mostly Stageas) which got me back on to the JDM tracks.

I'm currently running a Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8TD as a tow-car, and a teeny tiny little Pajero mini 660cc turbo kei car as a daily, but alas the MOT has lapsed on the mini truck so it is being retired for the winter for an underseal and various other corrective maintenance and modification, and thus i needed to find a replacement.

I looked at colts, starlets and other small hatchbacks to get me by for a year or so but none of them really had that cool unusual vibe that i like with my cars, so i've opted to return to the Swift and re-live the fun days of my youth!.

I'm going to be viewing one later this month when im back in the UK, insurance is 470 a year which is better than the 1800 i was paying on my GLS!, fingers crossed this one doesn't get written off!
- Steve Smile


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