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TA 2010 Project

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TA 2010 Project Empty TA 2010 Project

Post  yunik 21/07/09, 04:25 am

Hello guys!

Here in Spain is growing the time attack culture.. this year was very light with 4-5 participants but I think next year will be bigger.

I want to make a project to race and probably aspire to the victory... and I was thinking various combinations... let's see...

Suzuki Swift Gti 2wd + G13B turbo (easy way I think maybe 160h~700kg) nice but 2wd...Sad

Suzuki Swift GLX Sedan Awd + G16A turbo (hp? similar weight) what do you think?

Suzuki Swift / Subaru Justy 1.3 GX Awd hatchb. + G13B turbo (min160hp~700kg) a beast but here the Awd was not comercializate... so I must import from Germany/Italy...

I supose the Awd hatch will be the best way to win, what you think about this??

I will visit uk this summer, driving my own suzuki I will jump the sea to see yours lands, probably will search a bit about the Awd version...

Is not a problem get more than 160-170cv, think here the cars which race normally are S13/S14/S2000/Civic/VR6/ and thinks with no more than 300hp... I think will be great with this hp, don't you?

Opinions? Recomendations?



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TA 2010 Project Empty Re: TA 2010 Project

Post  STEVEGTI 25/07/09, 08:19 pm

stick with the idea of a swift if you dont have justys other there definatly turbocharged and a lsd or welded diff is a must personally get al the suspension /body work lightenig done first


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TA 2010 Project Empty Re: TA 2010 Project

Post  Kimba 29/07/09, 10:06 pm

I think the AWD route is your best option.

Sounds like fun, where do you race? I worked in Majorca lol

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TA 2010 Project Empty Re: TA 2010 Project

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