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places to get your goodies

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places to get your goodies Empty places to get your goodies

Post  STEVEGTI on 02/03/08, 01:21 pm

the best of the rest when it comes to suzuki a bit expensive but everything you could ever want to build a beast US BASED lots of stuff here not onley swifts have heard good and bad things watch out for the pistons AU BASED some very well manufactured parts here and lovely styling goodies AU BASED AKA turbinetech ca posibly the best people to talk to when it comes to maniflod making and turbo conversions friendley store owner CA BASED more swift parts and dripping in big names and custom machineing UK BASED [whoop] very good website lots of body styling goodies on this one as well as engine parts US BASED more body styling goodies from the aussies AU BASED nice splitters they speak english when emailed wil have experience with these guys soon CZECH REPUBLIC BASED swift stuff no persanal experience with them AU BASED again another aussie based company looks good and spackatron has some of there pulleys says there sweet AU BASED uk based sell diffs and cr gear sets for the gti enjoy UK BASED link to uk based shop for bodykits etc another link yo a uk based shop for body parts also some 4dr saloon stuff  link to cat cams sell camshafts and pulleys for the gti UK BASED tons of suzuki parts all suzukis spares engines boxs seats everything suzuki  UK BASED more engine parts i had a set of there pulleys very nice CH BASED  all your poly bush needs and they have the rear engine mount aswell  UK BASED

WWW.ROCKAUTO.COM these guys sell everything for every car great site to have US BASED  uk based body panels

and dont froget the for sale section and ebay

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places to get your goodies Empty Re: places to get your goodies

Post  mrcool2k on 25/10/16, 11:09 am

Hi friend,

Most of the pages are dead, can you update or remove it please.

Thanks a lot,


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