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Post  LABRAT 16/02/10, 12:00 pm


with a bit of luck i should have a swift gti by saturday.. its a white 95 plate n reg. im still ot sure if that makes it a mk2 or a mk3 or what phase, there seems to be differant views on what gets classed as what depending on who you ask :0)

im getting the car as a part ex against my skyline gtst.. long story short... im looking at 9 points and need somthing cheasper to insure. ive had the skyline 4 years.. good fun car but....
the fuel costs are getting to me now, to take it any further power wise is gona be expensive (once you get to 320 bhp everything needs upratring all at once) and its a couple of grand of a job.. very little middle ground between 320 and 450 bhp on a skyline..

also i enjoy motor sports, but with the skyline anything its good at tends to be expensive to enter.. i enjoyed sprints but 90 quid entery for 5 mins competative driving, plus fuel plus extras is an expensive 5 mins.. drifting is great fun, but im crap at it. and the nearest drift practice place to me is down at santa pod (dwyb) im up in lancashire so with the 300 mile round trip its a long day and with fuel, rubber and entry fee its a £300+ day out.

my bro in law does auto solos (like an auto test but bigger course + no reversing) average entry fee about 15 quid.. and they hold them all over the place. but you need a small nippy car.. saxos do pretty well but i wanted to keep it jap..

so swift gti it is...

get ready for loads of stupid questions everyone :0)



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Post  STEVEGTI 16/02/10, 04:34 pm

welcome mate you will love the swifts


Bringing back the old school

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Post  garndi 23/02/10, 06:06 pm

Welcome to the site mate....

Skylines are over rated lol.

95 GTi is a MK3

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Post  stevieh6 24/02/10, 08:31 am

but in the UK its a mk2 phase2

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