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suzitech lower srtut

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suzitech lower srtut Empty suzitech lower srtut

Post  Trueroider 21/02/10, 02:30 pm

I recently purchase a lower strut brace for my GTi from suzitech. When emailing them about the order they seemed a decent company. But when my brace arrived i was rather schocked as u will prob's understand from the following pics.

My brace looks like its been wrapped whilst the paint is still wet, and there isn't any paint on the ends were it attaches 2 the car so it is now going rusty. At a cost of nearly 200 quid plus a further 40 tax when i picked it up from the local courior i was rather miffed about this as on there website the brace looks awsum.

Anyways i emailed them about the problem, and they replyed telling me that the paint woz dry b4 it left them and it must have been in a hot container in transport. Followed by if u want a quick fix a simple coat of high fill paint should fix this.

When cars sit in the sun does the paint melt with the heat? I think not.

I asked my mate who spray paints for a living and he just laughed like hell and noticed that the stickers had even been put on while the paint woz wet, u can c its sunk it2 the paint.

I have try'd emailing again but with no response.(suprise suprise)

So i'm just giving any1 else a word of warning b4 paying rediculous money for 1 of these as i have had a bad experiance.

I will update this post when i have fitted to the car, if it fits.

[img]suzitech lower srtut 33vj15c[/img]
[img]suzitech lower srtut 2a6rsaw[/img]
[img]suzitech lower srtut W2kso5[/img]
[img]suzitech lower srtut 2m6su85[/img]

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Post  TPhillips 21/02/10, 04:22 pm

That's messed up... guess you've got no choice but get it resprayed... i mean you could probably ship it back for a refund but is it really worth the effort?

I have a turbinetech underbody brace, at the price you said you payed the turbinetech one was cheaper, quality of my brace is second to none, would more than recommend it to anyone and i will use them again in future.

Was considering ordering from suzitech, having second thoughts... thanks for the heads up.

Cheers, Tyrone.


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Post  dominator 22/02/10, 07:03 pm

should`ve come to see me mate, i make my own, and it cirtenly isnt £250!!!!, you woz robbed
in the summer im goin to start adding the 2 rear arms



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suzitech lower srtut Empty Re: suzitech lower srtut

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