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ignition coil

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ignition coil Empty ignition coil

Post  91GTi 03/03/10, 12:57 pm

Does anyone know if the ignition coil on a 1.0 swift and the one on the gti the same or how do you tell a coil is nackered, power goin in an all but no spark, does the plug below the coil have somthing to do with the spark aswell, scratch scratch scratch

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ignition coil Empty Re: ignition coil

Post  Almondo74 03/03/10, 07:28 pm

i got a spare 1L coil and it looks completely different dont no about the operation tho.

Look in the manual for ignition system (page 219, section 6F)
u can test the coil with a multimeter (p222,6F-10)


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