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power load

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power load Empty power load

Post  robinsonj1 27/04/10, 10:17 am

calibrated ma tps last nite and runs sweet,,
when lights are on and front spots,heaters etc the revs seem to dip a little

its always done this but a little more recently
had a brand new alternator (bosch 1) and a brand new posi lead from suzuki so dont think it wud be that,

cud it be the battery coz they only little things on the swifts arnt they?and it a bit shitty this battery aswell
wud a bigger battery help or jus a new normal size one?

or is it something totally differant????

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power load Empty Re: power load

Post  dominator 27/04/10, 05:59 pm

that sounds normal to me
your suposed to setup the tickover with the lights on aswell



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