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15" BSA Racing Alloys

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15" BSA Racing Alloys Empty 15" BSA Racing Alloys

Post  Lukey on 14/05/10, 11:00 am

Set of 4 15" BSA Racing 5 spoke alloys.

Front tyres are Falken with approx. 3mm of tread left on each.

Rear tyres are Hankook Ventus K102 with approx 7mm of tread left on each.

All tyres are 195/45 R 15

Some minor kerbing on a couple of the alloys. (please see pics)

Some marks from where stickers have been removed. I'm sure this can be cleaned up.

Carbon effect centre caps.

£150 or make me an offer! Will swap for 14" Suzuki 7 Spokes.

I can courier them at an additional cost of £35. I am located in Surrey.

15" BSA Racing Alloys BsfNKnwBmkKGrHqMH-DkEvDblpdyjBL4Ejc

15" BSA Racing Alloys BsfNJTgCGkKGrHqUH-DMEvSFRj5BL4EjYh-

15" BSA Racing Alloys BsfNHyBWkKGrHqIH-EQEvDFiPepWBL4EjT2

15" BSA Racing Alloys BsfNGJwEGkKGrHqYH-D4EvFKiJQLuBL4EjO

15" BSA Racing Alloys BsfPH5wBWkKGrHqEH-CsEvC1JqmIBL4Epfl


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