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Import Swift gti???

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Import Swift gti??? Empty Import Swift gti???

Post  williamcooke88 03/05/08, 02:38 pm

just wondering if a swift/cultus gti can be imported from jap land at all??
Anybody know the story on this, can it be done, is it viable or worth while
would be nice to a total minter, grade 5 even!!

by the way i have a gti myself just te let ya know


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Import Swift gti??? Empty Re: Import Swift gti???

Post  AA34S 03/05/08, 05:17 pm

I've thought the same about importing a nice gti from japan. most of the import dealers tend to bring in more expensive small cars like starlet gt turbos etc. I dont think they have enough profit margin on a swift, even a really nice one as the resale values are lower. That said I don,t see why one couldn't be approached to import a car on a commission basis.

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