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conversion gearbox question

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conversion gearbox question Empty conversion gearbox question

Post  passion-wagon 16/08/10, 11:10 am

hi everyone
just wondering if it would be possible to transfer the GTi engine into my GLS using the original GLS box for the longer gear ratios (lots of my driving is motorway).
but at the same time i want to have GTi brakes/hubs/calipers, so would i be able to use the GTi driveshafts with the GLS box or can i use the GLS driveshafts with the GTi hubs?

- Steve


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conversion gearbox question Empty Re: conversion gearbox question

Post  daymoon 16/08/10, 11:41 am

gls shafts and gti hubs - no.

gls box, gti shafts and hubs - yes


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