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Heater Matrix?

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Heater Matrix? Empty Heater Matrix?

Post  Ryan... 13/10/10, 11:25 pm

My swifts currently a bare shell and in for paint (candy deep red, with candy white alloys that will have a candy gold lip) What can i say i like candy colours Smile lol

Do i really need the heater matrix back in? the turbo conversions not going to be completed to august at the earliest and if not has anyone got a clue how much heater front windscreens are?


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Heater Matrix? Empty Re: Heater Matrix?

Post  Miniswift 14/10/10, 12:25 pm

Hi Ryan,

I think you will need custom made front screen for that and it will be more than £400+VAT.
You will also need new wiring put in for high current setup with a new switch and a fuse.

I'm looking into getting one for my mini and mini after market already has some. But not sure which type heated screens. The old type is 2 massive wires/strips are placed at the top and the bottom.
It was used in '60 rally cars. New type is like Ford/VW uses. There will be thin wries in bedded where laminate is.

Good luck finding people makes them for you.



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